my name is sabina and i’m so happy you stopped by my site. i’m twenty-one years old and studying fashion marketing and public relations at georgia state’s college of arts and science. if you know me, you know that i get super excited about art, fashion and design. i love finding and creating art — whether that’s through relationships, music, minimal design, travel, or photography. You can typically find me with my head in a beautiful fashion editorial, standing starry eyed at a vintage shop, or spending a significant amount of time on pinterest looking at intriguing fashion styles, design and photography.

as a creative consultant, i love branding, typography, neutral colors, photography, and illustration. i think there is inspiration in everything. by incorporating the style of minimal design i believe that beauty and intention can be embraced with technical excellence. if you are interested any kind of social media marketing, PR communications, logo or brand development, art direction in fashion, album artwork, or photography, let’s work together!

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